Some Snaps taken by me

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Some Snaps taken by me

Post by Grawpy »

I would like to share some photographs that I've taken in Singapore.

Sunrise at East Coast Park.
I love this photo since it captures the essence of ECP: Line of ships at the horizon, people fishing, a lonely girl pondering over her life (or maybe just a tired jogger :p )

Sunset from Bedok Jetty
It's amazing that we can see sunrise and sunset both from the East Coast Park :D
The image quality is poor since captured by Phone Camera.

Panorama of East Coast Park sea shore

Panorama of Pandan Reservoir (Penjuru Road)
I spent so much time at Pandan Reservoir luring and luring and luring more... The baiters always return home with 5-10 fish and I return home with pain in my arms :cry:
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Re: Some Snaps taken by me

Post by Peace »

The sunset setting is really nice one the ECP one. :nod: Having to admire that sunset makes the trip worthwhile, even if no fish are biting. :lol: The direction at which the sunset and rises does shift several degrees within the year, so it's quite possible to see it both at one place. ECP is a relatively straight coast as well but more and more buildings are start to sprout out blocking the sunset on the west coast. :(

Those panoramas are cool, new cameras now have this panorama sweep that stitches the images on the fly. Pretty nifty, I got to get me one of those toys. :D

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Re: Some Snaps taken by me

Post by dBs™ »

ECP breakwaters ... beautiful sunset.
Love the panorama shots :thumbsup:

Hey ... there's a saying ... no pain no gain.
Don't envy those baiters ...
One day ... they might just drop their jaw when you pull in a biggie with no bait but a fake fish (lure)

I remembered my first trip to LSR learning how to cast a lure.
This old man walked pass me and said something loud enough so that I could hear him ...
"Real fish as bait fish also don't eat ... eat your fake fish !"

I didn't catch anything on that trip.
Was there just to cast, cast and cast ...
Since the day I landed my first fish on lure ...
I don't enjoy baiting any more.
Coz I can easily catch a fish on lure ... why dirty my hands ? :p

Good luck Grawpy ... you special day will come.
Don't just cast ... look at how your fake fish swims =)

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Re: Some Snaps taken by me

Post by limfish »

Good idea Dbs...
also...i caught a fish(todak) foul hooking it =P
Urrrgh, no time to fish now~

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