Wild Flower Series - 路边的野花 。。。不要摘 !

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Re: Wild Flower Series - 路边的野花 。。。不要摘 !

Post by dBs™ »

The closure of my favourite fishing ground spells the ending to a all-in-one playground for me.
A place where I can do fishing and shooting at the same time.
A place I had wonderful time capturing the morning sun, the rising tides, the sweet pine and my little friends in the wild.
Be it the little birds, jumping spiders, the kingfisher, my favourite oriental whip snake ... or those small little flowers ...

It had lead me/us to find new playground ... and this my welcome gift !

A unique flower shaped fungi in the wild ... cool isn't it ? :D


Edit: Found out it's name ... Geastrum sp

I don't know the name of this flower ...they reminds me of my old kampung ... you see them everywhere ~ :grin:


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Re: Wild Flower Series - 路边的野花 。。。不要摘 !

Post by houndbox »

hey dbs, may i know how you do the shots?
like to have an object in the front that is sharp and the background blurry / or slightly off focus...
can teach me how to do it please?

paiseh, i photography idiot... been toying with settings on digi cam but cant seem to work it out. :p

please advise!


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Re: Wild Flower Series - 路边的野花 。。。不要摘 !

Post by Peace »

Allow me to chip in some tips here. :p

There are a few ways where you'll get blur background:
1. Push the camera as close to the subject as the camera allow. (make sure it is within the camera's focus range)
2. Choose a shooting angle where the background is far away from the subject.
2. Use full telephoto (zoom!). (but this would mean distance between you and you subject will increase)
3. The larger the camera sensor, the shallower the depth of field(blurrer background). Think SLR. ;)
Edit: Thanks Peacy ... I was about to ask you to ans this posting.
Bella ... Peacy ish my sifu so ask him !

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