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HLF • Rules & Guidelines
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Rules & Guidelines

Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 11:56 am
by Peace
Rules are here to protect HLF and its members, please follow them to help the forum operate smoothly. If you have any doubts with regards to the rules, don't hesitate to private message me.

Forum Rules
  1. All posts(including private message) must be free from profanities, racism, defamation and spamming.
  2. No pornographic materials or links to such materials are to be posted in any part of this board.
  3. Do not post remarks with malicious intent(such as harm, threats or to stir trouble) towards HLF or any its members.
  4. Do not cross post between forums. (i.e. posting same thread in both "The Common Fishing Hole" and "Ask a Question")
  5. Each member cannot have more than one account.
  6. If you are a commercial entity/representative/agent related to fishing products/services, you must join the Commercial Rep usergroup before posting. You can apply for membership to this usergroup through your user control panel, failure to do so will result in permanent ban.
  7. Commercial advertising is allowed but only limited to local fishing related services and products. Advertisements are limited to one thread per entity and no thread bumps are allowed without new information. Advertisement through private message or email is strictly prohibited.
  8. No referral links or use of masked url, ie. tinyurl.com. Referral links are links that gives the poster direct or indirect monetary rewards from users clicking on that link.

  • Do a search before posting to see if such a post was already made or an answer to such a question has already been answered.
  • When posting, use meaningful title and relevant keywords so that the search function can actually be useful.
  • If you edited your post, include a reason for editing at the end of the post.
  • If a message is specifically directed to an individual, please use the private message system instead.
  • Be kind with your words and go easy on new comers who may have trouble adapting to the forum culture.
  • If you want to promote 'Catch and Release', simply do so by example. Do not preach or criticize our fellow anglers' catch.
Breaking Forum Rules
Depending on the severity, members may be given warning, temporary ban for two weeks or permanent ban for violating forum rules. Any queries with regards to actions taken by moderators should be private messaged to them or me.


All accounts or posts suspected as spammers or spam will be deleted on sight. If your account is mistakenly deleted, post in The Construction Yard for assistance.

Re: Rules & Guidelines

Posted: Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:58 pm
by Peace
Chat Room Rules
  1. Identify yourself when you enter the chatroom.
  2. No multiple logins.
  3. No spam, pornography, profanities, racial slurs, personal attacks within the chatroom.
Those who misbehave or break the chat room rules may be kicked or banned from the chat room depending on severity. If you have trouble using the chat room, approach any channel operator for help (those with an "@" sign in front of their nick). Do introduce yourself if you're new to the chat room and don't hesitate to chat or ask any questions.