Sweet Spring ~ 糖水春

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Sweet Spring ~ 糖水春

Post by dBs™ » Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:24 am






Tel : 6753 9856

Sweet Spring ... a new player in the dessert sector.

We discovered this new eatery when we went for a movie at AMK Hub.
Located just a level near the Cathay Cinemas ... it's pretty prominent location.

Obvious item on the menu ... it was the small bucket on most table which attracted our attention.
A second look and we realised it's bean curd in a bucket.

Being a curious person and love for food, we stepped right in for something new.
They not only sell bean curd ... shaved ice aka snow frost is also served here.
Besides hot and cold desserts, they also have dim sum.

The bean curd come in serving for 2 or 4.
We ordered a serving for two.
It come served in a small bucket with a metal bowl inside.
Bean curd was hot and silky smooth to taste. :thumbsup:
Something which really took us by surprise.
And it cost $4.20/$4.50, cannot remember the exact amount for this item.

We try their soya bead drink too ... not too bad.
Were given a small jar of sweet syrup so we can have the drink in the right amount of sweetness.
I prefer to have it very sweet especially when we are having bean curd at the same time.
In fact we used up quite alot of the sugar syrup, it's probably quite dilute being the reason.

The dim sum was so so only ... nothing to brag about.

Will try out their snow frost when we next visit the restaurant again. :nod:

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Re: Sweet Spring ~ 糖水春

Post by dBs™ » Sat May 29, 2010 10:23 am

A 2nd visit to this restaurant yesterday, a big disappointment compared to the first. :thumbsdown:

Let's hope it's because of insufficient service crew and probably it was a Public Holiday ( Vesak Day )

We were lead to a small table for three after waiting in Q for a good 1/2 hours.
It did not take long for the service lady to give us the menu.
First thing she did was marked out a few items on it which were already sold out, and it was only 4pm.

We handed over the order slip and cutlery were quickly laid on our table.
Then ... we waited and waited and still waiting ...
Nothing was served for the next 1/2 hours.

I notice the Q was snaking longer and longer ...
There was only one counter staff dishing out snow froze ice and desserts at an extremely slow pace.

Eventually when our desserts was served to us ...
Disappointment no. 1 ... bean curd was smooth as usual but it was not even warm.
Disappointment no. 2 ... we had to asked twice for the service staff for the sugar syrup.
Disappointment no. 3 ... the strawberry snow froze failed big time.
countable strawberry slices and little strawberry syrup on top of a pile of messy ice.
seriously ... those sold over the counter can served up a better looking plate of snow froze ice.

We have this habit of tipping especially when the service is good.
This time ... we even took the change of 35cents in full !

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