Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee 源春驰名卤面

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Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee 源春驰名卤面

Post by Oinkie » Thu Jan 21, 2010 5:37 pm

Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee 源春驰名卤面
7 Maxwell Road
#02-79/80 Amoy St Food Centre

Opening hours
8.30am – 4.00pm
(Closed on Mon–Tue)
Well thanks to dBs for the reminder of good old lor mee located at Amoy St Food centre. What is good old lor mee without these ingredients... braised pork belly, crispy fritters, ngoh hiang and shredded fish meat to garnish over the yellow hokkien noodles and crunchy bean sprouts. The super thick gooey gravy gives every strand of noodle a thick coat of extraordinary flavour. It goes very well with pepper, vinegar, minced garlic (my favourite) and cut chilli. I will ask for extra garlic and cut chilli.

If you are there during a work day lunch hour be prepared to have a long wait. Best bet is to go there before 1130am before the lunch crowd.





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Re: Yuan Chun Famous Lor Mee 源春驰名卤面

Post by dBs™ » Fri Jan 22, 2010 12:35 pm

O goody ... look at that yumilicious gooey bowl of yellow thin noodles ! :drool:

This is one of the lor mee which I love ... very traditional flavour.
The lor bak thinly sliced to perfection with a tiny bit of fats at the tip ... springy ~
And the little bit of fish meat they add ... garlic, chilli and vinegar ~ :drool: :drool: :drool:
The best combination all in a bowl for just $2.

Yes .. the pics shows it's still $2 :D
But I always go for the biggest serving ::x:
When it comes to lor mee ... the more the merrier !

Thanks Oinky for sharing this one with us.

I would love to eat there as often as possible ...
but the parking and travelling all the way to Amoy St can be a big headaches.

And lor mee has to be eaten with the thin yellow noodles.
I was having lor mee at Tiong Bahru recently, the one with shark's nuggets ...
they ran out of the thin noodles and so I had it with the rounded version.
It didn't taste as good.
Maybe the texture of the noodle was kinda different.
So ... it's either thin yellow noodles or I'll eat something else. ;)

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