Mayan Cichild

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Re: Mayan Cichild

Post by Peace »

I'm not quite the hobbyist in keeping fish but I think they will do fine on their own. Just keep the water condition good and remove other fish that can disturb their nest. Nice picture. :D

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Re: Mayan Cichild

Post by Newguy »

Thanks Peace btw the pic was taken by my wife... :lol: :lol: :lol:

Currently feeding them wif bloodworms only coz scared small prawns and guppies would eat the hatchling...
Sorry to confuse u coz I'm still new to this sport...

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Re: Mayan Cichild

Post by weaver »

hmm..try to make the pump and filter slow as the filter may some time cause the fry tend to be suck inside...
and when the fry hatch feed them with baby brimp shrimp u can get it from some fish shop like aquastar in yishun...
i think that when the fries hatch leave them to their parents for a few days and then remove the fries or the parents
try not to disturb the nest the parents maybe some time protective.. or too protective that they will eat up the eggs

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