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HLF • What fish to fish at Bedok Jetty?
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What fish to fish at Bedok Jetty?

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 5:47 pm
by syap
Hi guys,

I'm a novice angler. Planning to go fishing beginning July at Bedok Jetty. Any idea what I can fish during that time? Went once to fish taman and I got none instead I see lots of people fishing up todak and I am not prepared for that. So wanting to know what fish is in season during that period so that I can prepare myself.

Thanks in advance

Re: What fish to fish at Bedok Jetty?

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 8:19 pm
by ilurbtambans
Hi Syap and welcome to HLF :D
There are always schools of tamban near the jetty but sometimes due to the strong current, they are unwilling to bite! Your best bet would be first and lasat light. As for the trip you've described, it could be that the tambans were spooked off by the todaks.

What you can try is a paternoster rig with prawn cubes and cast in between the pillars, you don't want to be lazy and park your rod as whatever fishes that lurk under the jetty can pull your rig into the structures below causing you to lose your entire rig. I've tried this method and it yielded me a table sized parrrot!

Oh and if you're keen on bigger fishes, you could cast out a Long Snood Bottom Feeder(LSBF) or a cable car rig with a live tamban. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions :D

Re: What fish to fish at Bedok Jetty?

Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2016 9:06 pm
by murasame
Before going on a shore trip, I usually check this website
It rates the fishing on particular days based on the tides and this "solunar theory" on moonrise sunset etcetc from "poor" "good" "very good" or "excellent"
I find it useful at places like bedok jetty where the tides play a very important role (since they bring in tamban)
So find days that have good tide times, and always go at least an hour before the high tide comes in, preferably first and last light like ilurbtambans mentioned
Im not sure if the solunar part of the table is actually accurate, but it seems pretty legit since I caught many tambans on a previous trip to bedok which was marked as a "very good" day, they could be easily seen near the water surface snatching small bits of whatever they eat haha
When aiming for tambans its good to follow what the regulars are doing, although the tambans seem to be everywhere on the jetty, I find that the spot to the right of the T junction is very productive. You may even catch scads and anchovies on the tamban rigs.
Oh but I feel the most important part about jigging for tambans at bedok is your tamban rig itself
Ive once run out of the special "bedok jetty tamban rigs" on a trip and had no choice but to use the commercial sabikis as i was stupid enough not to bring money to buy more from the aunties and uncles selling the rigs there. I got nothing on my commercial sabikis while the other guys who had the special rigs nailed many fish... Lesson learnt I guess hehe
You can buy these special rigs from a few vendors on the jetty, they usually ride bikes and shout "TAMBAN RIGS" or something i dunno i think 1 is around $2? $5 for 3? Im not too sure
The special rigs are handtied by the vendors (of course) and have longer, sparser feathers in green or white, along with a bit of flash tinsel, AND THEY ARE EFFECTIVE
About the todaks, if you see one, you can just tie on a simple 30cm 10lbs leader plus a small hook under size 6 i think
Get a live baitfish and hook it on the back and cast it not directly on the todak (it may get scared off) but somewhere around the todaks "patrol area" which is often around a school of tamban. They usually lurk around the school to pick off dying/weaker tambans. So when the todak spots your dying tamban its almost a 80% chance that it would just dart and grab it. But you cant set the hook now because the hook is not in the mouth yet. Open the bail and let the todak run, then wait at least 15 seconds and allow the todak to chew up the bait (if you see their mouths you will know why they need time to chew haha) once youre confident you can set the hook HARD onto the todak. Now prepare to watch the todak fly about on the waters surface and jumping out of the water haha it can be quite a nice fight, the challenge is in the landing (I lost a big one trying to land it, it tore my hook off, DONT USE 6LB LINES LIKE ME :cry: )
At least it would provide some fun if youre having a fishless day, I heard from uncles that now even the todaks are getting fewer and fewer...
Good luck, hope to see a nice cr from you :D

Re: What fish to fish at Bedok Jetty?

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2016 1:51 am
by syap
:cool: Thanks guys!