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Ocea Jigger

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:49 am
by Limpeh

I'm considering to go into overhead reel for offshore. I've my eyes on Ocea Jigger 2017 1501hg. As i've never use any overhead or BC before, I've some questions:

1. Comparing the spec of OJ 1000 and 1500, the weight and the drag are the same. Reason for choosing 1500 so that i have option to play deeper water if i ever wish to due to the higher line capacity. Other than the need to load more lines (more $) (will use mono as backing), any other disadvantage to choose 1500 over 1000?

2. Realized that OJ doesn't have the line guide that will go left and right. How is the line being guided nicely onto the spool? Be it during reeling a fish, or spooling new lines. Can't find video on how to spool new lines onto OJ...

3. Without this line guide thingy, will it be very difficult for a beginner to use this reel?

4. This may gather 1001 answer, but what might be a nice rod to pair with a OJ 1501hg? Looking at playing bottom, tenya and madai mainly. Not sure if will ever go into fast/slow jig though. Price looking at max $200+?

5. Any other comments about OJ that is good to know. Oh, and if new 2017 OJ has better review than the older version?


Re: Ocea Jigger

Posted: Tue Jan 16, 2018 2:38 pm
by ilurbtambans
1. I would go for the size 1500 as the size 1000 is a niche size and there's only so much you can do with it, with a size 1500 you could load up heavier lines and load up a full spool as compared to a size 1000, if you're just going to play light lines, just have a mono backing so as not to lose out on the line retrieval rate.

2. The OJ reels are specialized jigging reels hence they have a narrow spool without a line guide so that the spool can spin faster without the hindrance of the line guide hence allowing the jig to drop faster, this will allow the line to guide itself back onto the spool, it won't be the neatest and you will experience a bulge of line on one side but don't worry too much about it! Just make sure that the line doesn't overfill till it exceeds the height of the spool.

3. The only two concerns i have for you is spooling in the line manually and knowing how to feather/thumb the spool when your sinker hits the bottom and when you're attempting to cast your madai out. Failure to do so will cause you to have a bird's nest and in the worst case scenario you will have to cut large amounts of line trying to undo the backlash.

As for spooling the line, you just need more practice with your thumb guiding the line left to right. If not you could always ask the shop to spool in the line for you.

4. for your budget of 200+, you can consider the expert graphite hammerhead (150++?) and the storm slo4 evolution 220++. Do make sure that you load the rod and have a feel of it before committing to buy.

5. From what i've read, the differences are carbontex drag as compared to the felt washers in the old OJ, better waterproofing, longer cranking handle, a comfortable T bar, reliable clicker and it's waayyyyy smoother as compared to the older OJ. My only compaint is that even though the drag has been souped up to carbontex, i feel that the drag is still inadequate even at max drag, i would suggest that you send it for pre servicing to change out the drag.

Re: Ocea Jigger

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 6:35 am
by Peace
You can't go wrong with Ocea Jigger, its smooth and powerful cranking is a pleasure to use. The only thing lacking is its drag power. At full spool its actual drag is only about 4+kg, still acceptable for typical fishing. The drag on its spec sheet seems to take the average drag throughout the spool depth. Which is why you see 1500(having deeper spool) has a higher drag rating than 1000, but they essentially have the same drag at line with full spool. I personally like 1000 over 1500 because there's not much point loading higher lbs line on it given the max drag, pe2 at 300m is just nice.

But if this is going to be your only reel for quite sometime, I'd suggest going for 1500 to have more versatile options with loading different lines and also more cost effective. IE. line is cheaper at higher capacity(300m vs 500m roll). 1500 is also easier to resell than 1000 if want to upgrade, same reason why you should also take the latest model. The only drawback of 1500 is the extra weight of line you need to hold.

Re: Ocea Jigger

Posted: Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:54 am
by Limpeh
Thanks ilurbtambans and Peace for the great input! Appreciate the sharing.

Give me good idea on how the line is manually guided and loaded. Now it sounds scary on the feathering and thumbing... Have to agree on the ease to sell of 1500 compare to 1000 as always shown on FK Classified.

Few more questions:

1) Changing of the drag. We are talking changing from the new carbontex drag to what type? How much would it typically cost?

2) If I'm to get the shop to spool for me when i purchase the 1500 reel, i must buy both the main braided line and mono line (for backing)? Or usually the backing is "free" from the shop using their about-to-throw lines? Possible mainline about 300yr or 300m, rest with backing? Or do not need so much?

3) Do we need specific type of rod for bottom/tenya/madai? I'm asking this because I may move towards slow jigging rather than fast jigging in future (I'm lazy). Therefore, i'm considering to get a slow pitch/fall rod as my 1st OH rod to match the OJ. i kinda feel all those bottom bouncing is kinda slow jigging, so think SF rod might work well for my application. Does this make sense?

4) if SF is okay for my bottom/tenya style, any review/comment on Ocean Luna PE2 (max 250g) and Pro Hunter Slowrider Pe1-2.5 (100g-200g)? I'm using some of the pro hunter accessories, find them quite good, but somehow this brand didnt make too big in SG. Heard this brand was bigger in the past?


Re: Ocea Jigger

Posted: Thu Jan 18, 2018 6:48 am
by Peace
1. Carbontex is a third party brand of drag washer, it used to be Carbontex offers better drag washer than stock washers that came with the reel. I do think that OJ's stock drag washer is plenty sufficient. One important factor about drag system is its ability to pay out line smoothly at high drag. You can lose a fish during a fight if your drag starts jerking.

2. For backing of line, it varies from shop to shop. But mono is very cheap compared to braided lines, my guess is most shops will give it to you for free. I personally prefer doing my own spooling, I like to ensure that my lines are wound tightly so lines don't dig into the spool when there's a hang up or a big fish on the line.

3. You don't exactly need a bottom/tenya/madai rods to use them, and honestly, they are not widely sold in local tackle shops. Most of the rods you see in tackle shops are shore rods and jigging rods. Slow fall jigging is more dependent on its rod characteristics than tenya or bottom. So go with slow fall rod, you can get a specific tenya or madai rod should you get interested down the road.

4. I've not used either rod before so I can't comment on that but I do think ocean lunar was quite popular last year (or was it the year before). I use pro hunter lures and accessories, they're decent and don't break the bank.

Re: Ocea Jigger

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:25 am
by Limpeh
Thanks Peace!