A Happy New Year XD

Shore based catches including beaches, breakwaters, jetties and fishing from offshore islands.

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Re: A Happy New Year XD

Post by limfish »

Actually, canals/peirs/docks are great places to fish.
Then can hold baitfish when the current on the open sea is strong, thus inviting predators to pick them of one by one.
Some fishes are the archer fish,barramundi,MJ,croaker,catfishes(most common),stingrays or sharks(they arrive for breeding i think).
The baitfishes are:ponyfishes,jabura terapons,glass fishes,scats and more.
Overall, good place to fish....at night(due to less fishing pressure)
hope this helps! :D
Urrrgh, no time to fish now~

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Re: A Happy New Year XD

Post by Newguy »

Thanks dats helps a lot....So the best time is still @ night to fish ahr..
Sorry to confuse u coz I'm still new to this sport...

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