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CR: Potato Day ~ 11/04/15

Posted: Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:40 pm
by Vidic
Went fishing with alibabaCrabber. Reached spot at 10am, saw many small potatoes playing near the surface, manage to get some of them as bait fishes. You could easily get plenty but i just got what i needed. Then alibabaCrabber decided to hunt some big potatoes and tried the bottom. To his surprise, it was loh jiak loh jiak ! I joined him in the "Escape the small yellow tails at the surface to reach for the big yellowtails below" fishing !

Bait fish were sacred, saw some small tambans but they wouldn't take my hooks ! Manage to get some small potatoes as live bait, but they didn't seem to last after hooking onto the dorsal(like what i always did, any help on this?)

Towards the end of the day, manage to get some kunning as bait, fed it as live bait on my handline. A while later, check but no fish on the other end, decided to reel up and found bait's tail portion was bitten off, decided to keep my handline, leaving the bait on the floor. alibabaCrabber than pick up the bait and ask me, "eh still want a not?", i replied "want ! last cast" picked up surf rod, hooked it, and cast it as far as i could that most fishos there can't reach, left it there and went to pack up. Few minutes later, came back and started reeling in my surf rod, felt quite heavy at the other end not sure what is it, to my surprise, reel up and saw a small grouper on the other end !. Greedy fellow still has the bait in his mouth, hook was deep in !

Fun-filled fishing day indeed !


Re: CR: Potato Day ~ 11/04/15

Posted: Wed Apr 15, 2015 9:52 pm
by Peace
Ooh yellowtail season is here! You can catch a lot of them if you bring the right stuff, those small shrimps (haey beo) are the best bait for it. I don't get good results using yellowtails as baits but I'd still use it if there's no other choice. They should remain alive for fairly long when hooked just below the dorsal fin, perhaps that particular fish was too injured to begin with. Nice little duskytail you've got on surf. :)