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Marina short CR

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 7:38 pm
by gohyuheng
Had a short fishing trip to marina area recently, brought market prawns, sotong, and sand whitings as bait.

Trip got cut short by heavy downpour :( :(


2 bluelined hinds on the prawns, about my hand size :D

Later on caught my 4 chocolate hinds on tamban hooks w prawn meat, all palm sized, but i forgot to get a photo :(

Just before i was about to pack up, there seemed to be something biting on my surf rod. Gave it a strike, and the rod suddenly bent a lot :shocked:

Something big and heavy was on the line, so excited!!

After awhile, the head reach the surface, my dad was like 'Grouper grouper!', so I was very happy :D

But then when we actually landed the fish.... alamak


One big pufferfish :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

Re: Marina short CR

Posted: Fri Jun 24, 2016 8:50 pm
by Peace
Nice catch on the bluelined hind. That pufferfish can be quite the troll sometimes, when they're near surface they look almost like groupers. On the plus side, the fight must have been pretty exciting. :D