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lure retriever

Posted: Wed Jun 15, 2011 8:34 pm
by sgpu
1) a spool
2) 50m of 100lbs monofilament/ line (soft, doesn't kink easily)
3) big size split ring
4) a size 100lbs swivel
5) lure retriever


1) keep your main fishing line stretched tight and rod tip high. this is to slide the L.R like a cable car rig to reach your lure.

2) through your main line into the loop

3) release the catch

4) secure your main line into the lure retriever completely

5) let it slide

6) your main line will guide your L.R. all the way to your lure

7) to know if it's engage with your stucked lure, pull your L.R's line gently if it's tight, as though you are pulling your lure. if it's still loose, your L.R. is making its way back. repeatedly let your L.R slides itself to catch your lure

8) this point of time, its either your hook give way, or you might successfully retrieve your lure together with a sand bag. or your L.R fail to secure your lure.

9) you need to react really fast once your lure is free. crank the whole set up back with your tackle and not your L.R line. concern is, your manual reeling in speed might not be fast enough for the L.R's weight. as such, your L.R. might catch another obstacle.

the whole process preferably be done with a buddy.

Re: lure retriever

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:37 pm
by Peace
Good effort in this article for explaining how a lure retriever works. :thumbsup: I personally feel that retrieving the LR line instead would be a better way as you can start retrieving the line the moment you feel the lure break free. As a handliner, I have no problems retrieving the line back at fast speed, plus there might be times when you will have to do this alone. :p

Re: lure retriever

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 6:40 am
by sgpu
yea yea by all means if you are faster with retrieving the LR.

the situation most times might be.
luring a lone, going through it alone. with one precious rod in 1 hand, and a precious reel that cannot suffer scratch. the other has to manage engaging the LR, letting it reach your lure shouldn't be too difficult.

but because the LR is heavier due to its weight, its tough for me to balance one rod in hand, and retrieving it (the lure, LR, and line from sinking that might chaff against debris or structures) therefore, retreiving it faster with reel is safer.

my worst experience was, the LR stucked in the rocky bottom. nightmare . . i got to walk into the water to retrieve it. brunei . . . :cry:

Re: lure retriever

Posted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 11:29 pm
by Peace
It can be quite to have a lure retriever getting snagged, we would need a lure retriever retriever then. :lol: But seriously, don't go down into the water if it's deep or if you don't know the ground well. We've all seen the news of lurer drowning because he wants to get his lure back. Be safe when fishing. :nod: