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Re: Help on prawn fishing?

Posted: Wed Aug 12, 2009 9:25 pm
by Peace
Prawn rods are just like pole rods, just smaller in size and very portable. They need not be very strong like most fishing rod because prawns don't run far like fishes. Technically, any stick/rod will do because the detection of prawn biting is usually by observing the float. You can get prawn rods from any tackle stores, they're not expensive. If you're fishing from pay ponds, they will provide it for you.

Welcome to HLF. :)

Re: Help on prawn fishing?

Posted: Tue Aug 02, 2011 3:53 pm
by prawnman360
snatcher:you should use a normal or beginner one,they are more easy to handle ,stong ones are hard to handle as they are heavier

Re: Help on prawn fishing?

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 6:52 pm
by Daryl
Now , Prawn fishing is fairly fun and what make u get Loads of prawns? pratising . Welll generallly , i have been prawning last time and trust me it cost alot... but however if u catch enough prawns to to so call take back what u pay it will be worthwhile . So here are my tips ~.~

1. First your rod..... i dunnoe if u are using the pond's rod which is normally medium range if you are gonna fish near walls which prawns might hide you have to get a shorter rod . So depends if u like walls and think that more hangs out there u may try to get a short rod which comes cheap~ at Changi Village~.

2. The Line , this would not be important if u are using the house rods provided . Buy braid lines first , storage would be more easier and would not twirl together when used another trip~ Braid also give u more strength on the line better then the same lb of mono so i normally use 2- 3lb?

3. The Bait , theres a variety of baits like hum, chicken liver , fish cake , earthworm , seaworm and minnows ~ Well personally i would buy seaworms 3.50 from changi . First Their diameter matches the hook and would be easier to mount onto the hook better then sarong worms which are fAt~ And the hit rate AWESOME ~....

4. Hook : The hook , if u are not buying ur own set... then dun care about this ~ the hook i normally buy Barbed size 2 hooks for prawns ~ u may think smaller the batter BUT u are wrong it is the shank of the hook that plays a part so size 2 would be gre8 . 1st it can be removed easily and easier to mount bait on too.

5. The float~
The float must be juz right .. same size as the float used in the pay ponds ~

Additional tips~
Well these are the additional tips that i wan to share ~
1st Buy the POWDER . This powder is a attractant to attract fish but also can be used on prawns as well so it is selling at Changi Pro Tackles At $2 if i am not wrong but yea its name is erm i think something BOMB thing ~ yea its red in colour. What it does is it disperse Smell and colour into the water attacting prawns. I have loads of success with these~.

The 2nd rod.
Buying another rod can be a goood thing. Lets me tell u why , First u go and take the house rod and ur rod if u are bring a friend , juz book for 1 rod . first bait the house rod and drop the line down. While waiting set up ur rod when u get a bite and hook the prawn . (Hooking of the Prawn would be teached at the end ) Bring it up and immediately set ur OWN rod down by doing this u save time while waiting the bite on UR ROD dehook the house rod prawn and rebait and wait for the prawn.... repeat and i gurantee loads of prawns.

The hooking of prawn and finding of a prawn~
Many rookies Did not know how to do this and would normally after seeing their float sink they imediately PULL the rod . NO !!NO!!! NO!!! BAD THING , By doing so the prawn would dehook itself and Run~ U see some lucky ones who manage to pull up~ BUT NOT SO LUCKY EVERYTIME ~ So this is how u find and hook a prawn . First depends ~if u wan prawn fast u have to move ur bait 1 cm by 1 cm across the water... some thing like twitch......stop.... twitch... stop... stwitch cantinued till u get a bite which makes ur float sink.... When u get a bite ... DUN PANIC!!! slowly move ur rod to the top of the prawn.... move ur rod at the top of the prawn .. slowly lift ur rod up and if u feel a weigh flick ur wrist.... and tada ~ u get a prawn dun rush to pull the prawn up as the water current might pull the hook out.

The Spots to find a Prawn...

The bubbles.. drag ur float across and normally a prawn would be biting ... As the Bubbles are use to pump oxygen into the water many prawns would be hanging out there. The sides / walls... Prawns might hide there for cover ~ to rest~..

By using all these tips and all the exprience i have get over 100 prawns in 3 hours

gd luck and happy prawning :) :)

Re: Help on prawn fishing?

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:57 pm
by Peace
That's a very helpful writeup on prawning, Daryl. I'm sure many who are interested to go into prawning will want to read this first. Thanks for the effort and the spirit to share. :nod: :thumbsup:

Re: Help on prawn fishing?

Posted: Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:47 pm
by goldenmahseer
If you are prawning at pay ponds you will do well to ask the staff the layout of the pond, the prawns tend to be in the deeper end where the bubbles are.

Re: Help on prawn fishing?

Posted: Wed Mar 15, 2017 11:50 pm
by GTonSteriods
Prawning got ppl use prawning rod and reel ? . Like in prawning ponds

Re: Help on prawn fishing?

Posted: Wed Mar 22, 2017 9:48 am
by Limpeh
Seen the pro use prawning rod. Never see reel.

Re: Help on prawn fishing?

Posted: Fri Aug 11, 2017 3:54 pm
by Commando_YR_Chin
Last time Jurong Bird Park used to have Prawning pond... too bad close alrd... nowdays on sleepless nights have to travel further for fishing... :(