Fly fishing

Post here if you're looking to buy used tackles.
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Fly fishing

Post by lamerzia »

Any fly fishing rods, reels and lures for sale below $100 ?

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Re: Fly fishing

Post by limfish »

Well...a good set would cost 270 dollars. :lol:
The reason is fly reels are less popular than spinreels or multipliers reels.
Thus, same for fly gear.
would i suggest spin fly first?
But if fly fishing is your choice...
I have no idea where to get a full set for $100.
The phantomJ+silvanus DAM+power pro 300M 40lbs line total is more than the 270 dollar flyset :p
My bet is buy one good set, dont buy anymore. ;)
Heres a link
Urrrgh, no time to fish now~

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