Going to 1st Tj. Pinang trip

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Going to 1st Tj. Pinang trip

Post by Love Fishing »

We're planning to go Tj. pinang for the 1st time and need some advice of what suitable gears and belongings to bring.

Thank you.
Love fishing

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Re: Going to 1st Tj. Pinang trip

Post by Peace »

I've never fished there before myself so I can only give you some general advice based on the catch reports from various forums. Majority of the size of fish can be handled with PE 1-3 but you should consider taking a heavier rod due to depth and fast current you're likely to encounter there. (ie. your rod must be able to load up with heavy sinkers.) And if you're particularly aiming for monsters which is not uncommon there, you might want to bring at least a PE3-6 tackle. If you can, bring both a medium and heavy tackle with you. Prepare some wire rigs too in case you encounter toothy fishes like tengirris or barracudas. 50lbs mono leader should be sufficient for most uses.

Welcome to HLF Love Fishing and good luck! :)

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Re: Going to 1st Tj. Pinang trip

Post by arsenal »

There you are,

Tackles (basic requirement)

1.) Rangong -- largest size (abt 2 ft)

2.) sinker -- size 8 - 16 (depending on the diameter of your braided line and current)

3.) leader -- 40 - 50lbs for day and 60 - 80lbs for night

4.) hooks -- size 2/0 - 3/0 for day and 3/0 - 5/0 for night

5.) clip swivels -- 80 -120 lbs

6.) rod & reel -- 1 set for day, 1 set for night

Rod: Day PE 1-3, Night PE 2-5
Reel: Conventional reel the best, if spinning will be size 3000-4000 for day, night will be size 5000-8000. Reel normally depends on yr own perfeneces.
i believe u dun wanna lose a mama ray on a small size reel.
mama ray easily hit 20-30kg there. tight lines...

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