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This forum is dedicated towards nature appreciation. Share nature related pictures such as sunsets, landscape, plants and animals or interesting things you see during your fishing trips.

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Just a few words

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This forum is dedicated to appreciation of our natural environment. We should be aware at places where we fish are also homes or many other wildlife. Tap into its resources if you must but do so with moderation. Through appreciation and interaction with nature, we can understand the importance in preserving our natural environment.

Some things to take note

:starfish: Please do not engage in political or controversial issues here. This forum is only meant for sharing of pictures and experience among members.

:starfish: Please respect the poster decision if he does not wish to disclose the place where pictures are taken.

:starfish: You may also discuss about photography topics to learn to take better pictures.

:starfish: You may post about people's way of life by the sea such as fisherman who depend their livelihood on fishing.

:starfish: You may post about pets you have such as aquarium fishes, cats, dogs, etc.

:starfish: You may post may post anything beyond marine life, so long it is nature related.

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