Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Read this if you're new or unsure of what can or cannot be posted.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Do I need to register as a member to post?
You do not need to register to create a thread or reply to one. However, you will need to go through captcha(anti-spam) everytime you do so. Post from unregistered members(Guests) needs to approved before they can be released for public viewing, this is an anti-spam measure.
Edit: Guest posting is now only limited to support forums for troubleshooting only. This is due to massive spam posts flooding the forums.
Registering as a member gives you a unique identity on HLF and also convenience in posting should decide to participate in the forum on a regular basis. You'll also be able to use the private message function and email other forum members.

Why can't I attach an image into a post?
Due to webspace constraint, we do not offer file attachment function, you can however hotlink an image from an external image host such as imgur, photobucket or flickr.

How do I hotlink an image then?
You first upload the image from your computer to your desired image host mention previously and it will generate a direct link to the uploaded image. Enclose that link within [img]and[/img] eg: [img]direct_link_to_your_image[/img] and the image will appear in your post. See an example of how this can be done below:

Why can't I upload my own avatars and image signatures?
This is a decision by the site administrator and you will have to live with it. HLF aims towards a clean and easy viewing layout for users who appreciate content-oriented viewing. We don't want excessive distractions to the readers from the main content.

Why can't Catch and Release issues be discussed here?
Such discussion often leads to no conclusion and more often a heated argument. Catch and Release is a delicate issue but it does reduce declination of local fish stock (even by an inconspicuous margin) if properly implemented and presented to the audience. There are better places to discuss this issue if you're interested, HLF however will not facilitate such discussions.

Is HLF against Catch and Release?
Our belief is compromise, even with the fish stock at a disadvantage. We do not assume all anglers to take up fishing as a pure sport, therefore Catch and Release may not be the best way to promote conservation. However, we believe that we should start from appreciating the beauty of nature and its resources we depend on, for hobby or needs, that we can learn to draw our own line when it comes to conservation and fishing.

So no, we're not against it but coming from a different approach.

Why can't I start a thread in Project W.T.F.?
Project W.T.F. is meant for discussion for specific species of fish identified on the main site. Members are to discuss or ask questions about that particular fish in its unique and only thread. For fish identification queries, please post in the "Ask a Question" forum.

Can I advertise commercial service and products here?
You may, but make sure you adhere to the rules stated in Rules and Guidelines. Misuse of forum for spamming will be severely dealt with.

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