Yes ... I am Newbie Handliner !

For anglers who handles the fishing lines with bare hands.

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Re: Yes ... I am Newbie Handliner !

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Peace wrote:Hi Shrimp and a warm welcome to HLF. :grin: It is possible to lure with handlines but it won't be as efficient or effective as with a rod. You may like to try surface cruisers, woodchoppers, spoons or spinnerbaits. These lures works well with a simple constant retrieve that won't go too taxing on arms. They cast well too.

Knots and rigs depend on the type of place and species of fish you're targeting. Generally when deciding on a rig to use, you have to consider first if the rig can reach where you think the fish is. That means the rig's castability or if it can sink or float at a particular depth and at what rate. Next you consider the presentation of the rig to the fish you're expecting. Take a stingray for example, it hunts and scavenge for food at the bottom of the seabed. So you'll want your bait close to the seabed and a long hook line so that the ray can take the bait easily. With that, LSBF comes to mind. So it goes down to understanding the spot and the fish behaviour to decide on the rig to use.

Knot is dependent on the configuration of your rig and how you want to tie it. You should be able to tie most rigs just learning snell knot and surgeon knot/loop. You proceed to learn more stronger knots as you go along.

Observing for water action is a good habit for fishing. When there's water thrashing, it's a tell tale sign on the activeness of fish and their mood to feed. You should pay more attention to your lines during those times.
i see.. makes me itch to try casting the nxt line more after a futile day of 0 fish in several locations today :( super noob

i actually caught a sagor catfish 2 days ago using a piece of rock about 1/2 palm size as sinker, after i have to cut my line when it's stuck in some jetty fixture below the water. now think of what you mentioned and the way i use to secure the rock to the mainline... quite LSBF style

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