User Ranks, Avatars and Signatures

Read this if you're new or unsure of what can or cannot be posted.
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User Ranks, Avatars and Signatures

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Ranking System
The ranking system is a representation of the amount of participation on this board. A high post count/rank does not necessarily imply quality contribution; quality over quantity. Members with significant contribution to the main site or message board shall be awarded the with a unique title "HLF Pal". This title is awarded on a case by case basis, by Admins. Member must have at least 100 posts and one year membership before considered for the title.
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Users are not allowed to use their own avatars. However, there is a gallery of avatars which they can choose from, which they can change anytime they want. A new registered user will be assigned with a default avatar from the gallery. This is to standardize and and prevent layout breaking of the threads.

No graphics or animations (eg, images and flash) are allowed in signature with exceptions to smilies. They are distractions to reading a thread.

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